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The global economy has fallen into a severe recession because of the pandemic. Affected by the epidemic, the demand of household appliance equipped sterilization and disinfection module has increased rapidly. such as air purifier, water purifier, toothbrush disinfection box, tableware disinfection box, disinfection lamp, as well as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances with sterilization and disinfection function.

In recent years, Zettler has developed a variety of sterilization modules, with UVC UV module, plasma/negative ion module and Pulsed Xenon Lamp module. It has covered dozens of different applications.

The APH050S301000W-XX series is a new Pulsed Xenon Lamp module developed in 2022, which has better sterilization and disinfection effect.



ü  Input: 12VDC/5W

ü  Advanced Protection: OVP/LVP/OTP

ü  UVC radiation intensity: 200μW/cm2 @10cm

ü  Operating Temperature: -20~70

ü  Waterproof and damp proof design, conform submerging test

ü  Flexible customization, with inbuilt driving and providing I/O port for control



ü  Air Purifier & Water Purifier

ü  Sterilization equipment in food field

ü  Surface sterilization of medical equipment

ü  DishwasherRefrigeratorair conditioner and other household appliance


n  Sterilization Mechanism of Pulsed Xenon Lamp.

The Pulsed Xenon Lamp technology uses instantaneous discharge to excite the inert gas in the lamp tube as pulse to emit intensive pulsed light, the light intensity of which is thousands of times that of the Earth's surface. The spectrum power distribution of Pulsed Xenon Lamp is shown in Figure 3.

The wavelength of Xenon Lamp consists of ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light spectrum, covering a wide band of 200 ~ 1100nm. Pulsed xenon lamp sterilization technology is a new efficient sterilization technology, which destroys the cell wall, cell membrane and nucleic acid structure of microorganisms through the superposition of photochemical action, photothermal action and pulse effect. This synergistic effect makes sterilization faster and more comprehensive.image.png

The sterilization mechanism of Xenon Lamp mainly includes the following three aspects.

1,   Photochemical reaction. The ultraviolet band UVC can destroy the nucleic acid of the genetic material in the cell, affect the transcription and replication of genes, blocking the synthesis of essential proteins for life activities, and thus affecting the normal reproduction of cells, destroying the cells, resulting in cell death, playing the role of sterilization and disinfection.

2,   Photothermal action. The ultraviolet band UVA/UVB and the visible light and infrared light of the spectrum have thermal effects on bacterial cells or spores. High intensity radiation photothermal action can cause the surface temperature of the cells rise rapidly, thus destroying the cytoderm of bacteria, making the cell liquid evaporate, completely destroying the cell structure, leading to death.

3,   Impulse effect. Pulsed xenon lamps emit intense pulsed light, which is penetrating and instantaneously energetic, damaging cell walls and other cell components, leading to cell rupture and death.

The sterilizing effect of pulse intense light for different microorganisms, domestic and foreign research results see below table 1.


n  Pulse Xenon Lamp was compared with the traditional technology in air sterilization, see below table 2.

Table 2, Advantage compared with Pulse Xenon Lamp and traditional sterilization technology.


n  Application field of Pulsed Xenon Lamp sterilization technology.

Pulsed Xenon Lamp sterilization technology has been applied to air sterilization, solid surface sterilization, water treatment, food sterilization, vegetable sterilization and other fields.

Pulsed Xenon Lamp module, developed by Xiamen Zettler Magnetic Co., Ltd., can be flexibly embedded in household appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators, as well as installed in food field sterilization equipment or in medical equipment for surface sterilization.

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