ZETTLER’s AHI transformers selected for use in food processing equipment Update: 2019/8/20 Source:ZETTLER

Aug 19,2019

A1.jpgZettler AHI transformers selected for use in food processing equipment When designing electrical equipment for international markets, engineers are forced to consider the requirements of a seemingly growing number of countries. If equipment is connected to the electrical grid, this includes additional safety requirements to isolate and protect people and property from dangerous voltage levels.

For designers in need of linear Class 2 transformers, Zettler offers a robust line of international power transformers with an industry leading 4200Vrms isolation rating.  A leading US appliance manufacturer recently chose Zettler Magnetics’ AHI01024 transformer for one of their products supplied globally. The appliance was designed for a commercial kitchen environment, meeting the high standards and daily routine of a busy restaurant.

B2.jpgZettler Magnetics AHI01024 50/60Hz isolation transformer The Zettler AHI series of laminated PCB transformers offer 115V or 230V input capability in 2.5VA, 5VA and 10VA configurations with outputs ranging from 5VAC to 36VAC.  They are UL Class 2 recognized, constructed with a UL Class B (130°C) insulation system, and conform to IEC/EN61558-1.  Custom options are also available.

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