ZETTLER’s AZ2150 sealed relay is now IP67 rated. Update: 2019/3/5 Source:ZETTLER


Propane-based refrigerants, such as R290, provide many advantages with respect to the environment, but also present challenges for electronics. Recognizing this,  Zettler have added AZ2150 to its list of IP67 rated relays.2150.jpg

Recently, a major player in HVAC-R industry approached Zettler for a relay to be used in their propane-based system. An IP67 certified seal provides engineers the safety and protection they need to meet regulatory requirements in this type of application.

The workhorse AZ2150 with a wide range of UL ratings from general use to motor load to resistive, is a workhorse which can switch virtually any load up to 40A (SPST) & 30A (SPDT). With an industry standard footprint, rugged Class F construction, the IP67 rated AZ2150 can be used in an unlimited number of applications. 

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