Zettler transformers help customers reduce operating costs Update: 2018/11/30 Source:ZETTLER

Product Spotlight, November 2018

AA.pngTransformers are a major component of switching power supplies, and choosing the right product is a key element in any power supply design.

Zettler Magnetics works closely with customer design engineers to provide customized solutions based on customer special needs. At the same time, ZETTLER's highly automated production lines support a broad range of possible form factors, hence allowing us to manufacture high-volume custom designs at very competitive prices.

Application example: Home Appliances

BB.pngRecently Zettler was approached by an industry-leading home appliance manufacturer to design a 2.6W wide input range switching power supply transformer, requiring electromagnetic interference performance to achieve EN55022, while the product needs to pass the 85℃ /85% RH test  requirements to meet IEC61588 and IEC60335. Electrical performance and structural insulation requirements.

Zettler custom-designes the XZM-E16187 transformer by performing double-layer shielding of the inner and outer layers, skeleton design, and removing the casing, while can still suit the fully automated production line capabilities,.

The tailor-made transformers meet the customer's requirements for transformer design parameters, simplify materials in the design, optimize the electrical performance of the product. And through production ine high-volume automated line, Zettler successfully to provide the customer with a cost-effective solution to helpcustomer reduce the operating cost.

Zettler produces more than 40 million transformers per year and has power supplies ranging from more than 50 different form factors to 1W to 1KW. To support a wide range of applications from washing machines and kitchen appliances to lighting and the Internet of Things.

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