Zettler’s AZSR165 in a Hybrid-Solar-Inverter System with Scalable Battery Storage Update: 2018-10-15 Source:ZETTLER


 Solar inverter solutions including scalable battery storage options are becoming increasingly popular.

A1.jpgOne of the application challenges in these systems is to connect/disconnect the battery block to/from the inverter’s control circuitry.

A major clean home automation company approached Zettler seeking a solution that required switching of a 125 VDC battery while carrying load and charge currents of up to 50 Amps. Typically this would be an application scenario for high power DC contactors.AZSR165.jpg

In close cooperation with customer engineering, Zettler’s team found an appropriate solution through reduction of the switching current down to 1.5 Amps by means of smart software controls. This measure fully enables AZSR165, a cost-effective solar AC relay, to fulfill the requirements of switching the DC path.

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